фото Керимбаева Азамата Рашидовича

About founder

Kerimbayev Azamat

Insurance is the business for mathematicians. Insurance business requires fast and high-quality management decisions. To meet these two requirements timely and high-quality analysis is needed. This directly affects the quality of the insurance portfolio and the profitability of the insurance company.  

My mission is to promote high-quality analysis of the insurance industry in Kazakhstan, provide the platform for constructive dialogue between professional industry participants, to discuss  the problems of the insurance business and to find better solutions. 

To realize my mission, I run the Kerimbayev Online project, the mobile application, where you can get access to reliable information about the status of insurers and brokers, analytics, and will not miss any corporate events in Kazakhstan insurance industry.

Professional biography

  • 02.2022
    Chairman of the Board АО «Freedom Finance Insurance»
  • 11. 2017
    Director, founder consultant, business analyst "Data Laboratory"
  • 05. 2013 – 11. 2017
    CFO - management board memberJSC "Salem" Insurance Company"
  • 05. 2012 – 04. 2013
    Head of Ananlysis DevisionJSC "Centras Insurance"
  • 05. 2011 – 04. 2012
    Director of Underwriting DepartmentJSC "Centras Insurance"
  • 11. 2010 – 04. 2011
    ActuaryJSC "Centras Insurance"
  • 08. 2010 – 11. 2010
    Head of Analysis Department, Actuarial and Statistical DepartmentJSC "Oil Insurance Company"
  • 04. 2007 – 07. 2010
    Chief Specialist of the Department of Strategy Development and ImplementationJSC "Oil Insurance Company"

Completed projects

  • Development and implementation of insurance selection for Compulsory civil liability insurance of owners’ of motor vehicles insurance class www.AV50.kz

  • The Author has analyzed business processes for the settlement of insurance payments. Based on the results, systemic problems of internal control were identified, measures to eliminate the risks of fraud and a control system (for example: reorganization of the emergency commissioner service, introduction of the adjuster service and analysis of the activities of independent appraisal companies) were developed;

  • Development and implementation of an online store for an insurance company;

  • Background work for obtaining credit rating from A.M. Best international rating agency for JSC "Salem" Insurance Company". Based on the results of 2 years of a positive opinion from the external auditor (BDO Kazakhstan), Salem Insurance Company was assigned a long-term credit rating of B and a C++ financial strength rating (A.M. Best);